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LD Ranch SAR Purple Ekaitza
*has not been LA'd

Show Wins




Sire: Hilltown Meadows Slingn A Rock *B

    Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Brown ear *B

        G.G. Sire: Old Mountain Farm Grey Cheek

        G.G. Dam: SG NC Promiseland Nemesis

    Sire's Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Tamen Quinn 3*M

        G.G. Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tomo Quinn

        G.G. Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomn 2*M


Dam:  LD Ranch ARM Purple Rain 3*M VEEE 90

    Dam's Sire: GCH Sinai Thunder Tuff E Nuff *B Elite

        G.G. Sire: SG Cedar View Olivero

        G.G. Dam: Sinai Thunder Abounding Hope

    Dam's Dam: SGCH LD Ranch ARM Violet 2*M VEEE 91 EX 91.3

        G.G. Sire: Buffalo Clover Armani

        G.G. Dam: SG Olivewood Mel Periwinkle

Stanley, New Mexico 
Double Show Down June 3, 2023 0-6 month bucks
Show A-Emily Thompson
  Show B- Jennifer Tereba
*lacks maturity

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