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**Please contact us for the email link to fill these out. These are for viewing purposes only. 

Deposit Agreement Nigerian Dwarf


On this day ___/____/____, seller received $____ as a non-refundable deposit for a buckling/wether/doeling/doe/buck, born on ___/____/___ with these markings _________________________________. The deposit will hold the said Nigerian Dwarf until weaning ( 8 Weeks for Bucks and 12 weeks for doelings or until agreed upon date). Once goat is weaned, the remainder balance of $_____ must be paid on ___/___/___. If all money is not received on listed day, buyer will forfeit ALL money received and the goat will be listed for sale to the public. Pick up date ____/____/___. If animal is not picked up on said date buyer will forfeit all money and goat will be listed up for sale to the public. We understand life can get the best of us at times so if the pick up date needs to be adjusted because an emergency came up, please let us know and we would be more than happy to work with you. If unable to pick up at weaning or available date for any reason a $5 per day boarding fee will be charged. All goats sold are, to the best of our knowledge, in good health and free of diseases. Our herd is tested yearly. All goats will come with AGS application for registration or signed registration for transfer.



Seller (print name)____________


Seller (sign name)_________________Date___________


Buyer (print name)____________


Buyer (sing name)_________________Date_________

Nigerian Dwarf Sales Policy


We strive to breed quality livestock, whether it be for 4H, future breeders, show etc. We will not sale anything we wouldn't put in the show ring or on the show table ourselves.


All livestock sold, is to the best of our knowledge, free of any disqualifications.

**We will only sell kids on a bottle to an approved home who will provide fresh raw goats milk only. **We do not guarantee future milk output as there are many variables as to what can cause higher or lower milk production.

**ALL kids will be disbudded. No exceptions. **


Deposit Info:

25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any goat. Non-refundable deposit is due within 48 hours of notification of availability. If not paid we will work our way down the waiting list. Remainder of balance is due by pickup/transport. If for any reason, buyer is unable to fulfill payment or has changed their mind on purchasing said goat any money received above will not be reimbursed.


**All kids will need to have arrangements for pick up made by 3 weeks of age**


**All goats that leave this property are healthy to the best of our knowledge. Once goat(s) have left, we cannot guarantee the animals health. (Too many environmental variants are beyond our control.)


**We will work with ground transportation. Fees are the buyers responsibility. Arrangement for transportation is the buyers responsibility. We have a wonderful transporter we work with. Please contact us for his information. Health certificates are the buyers responsibility and also, required on any animal crossing state lines.


**If you would like any testing done on the livestock you are inquiring about prior to purchase please check all applicable boxes on the tests you would like and send fees to lab. We use UBRL. There is a $10 set up fee when less than 10 samples are sent. So please add that to your total.

__Bio-security Screen (CL, CAE/OPPV, Johnes) $20

__CL $6.50

__CAE/OPPV $6.50

__Johnes $ 8.50

__Q-fever 8.50


For more information please view


**We accept Zelle (575-322-0132) and Venmo (Salina-Webb-1). Payments must be paid using Friends and Family. No exceptions. Please print, sign, date, and return this form with payment. Payments that have been made and this form not returned to us, will forfeit all monies paid and animal will be listed as available. Please email to



Buyer Signature Date



Printed Name


Bred Doe Purchase Agreement



**ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy goats LLC guarantees that the doe being purchased is, to the best of our knowledge, bred at the time of purchase.


**ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC does not guarantee that the pregnancy of purchased goat will continue after leaving the property. Too many variables outside our control.


**ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC does not guarantee future milk output, show potential or LA/Classification scores.


**You, the purchaser acknowledges and agrees that absolutely no bucks from this kidding will be sold registered or sold with registration application.


**ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC has completed an ultrasound on _______ to confirm pregnancy. _______________________ was exposed to ______________________ on ________ with an estimated kidding date of _______ (145 days).



Reg #

Buck Exposed to:

Reg #




Buyer Signature_____________________ Date _________


Buyer Printed Name _________________

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Health Guarantee


**If by 2 years of age a doe is deemed a hermaphrodite with veterinarian documentation,ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC will replace the doe of equal value at no additional fees to buyer. Transportation fees are buyers responsibility. After two years we will no longer hold a guarantee.


**Any buck/doe purchased from ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC that carries our herd name that presents with a disqualification by 18 months old we will replace buck/doe with an equal value buck/doe. Transportation fees are buyers responsibility. After 18 months we will no longer hold a guarantee.


**If any buck is proven to be sterile by a veterinarian by the age of 2 that carries the ADFR & Gold Rocks Dairy Goats LLC herd name we will replace purchased buck of equal value. Transportation fees are buyers responsibility. After the age of 2 we will no longer hold a guarantee.


**We guarantee that any livestock leaving our property is, to the best of our knowledge, healthy. We do not guarantee the health of any livestock once it leaves our property.


Buyer Signature ___________________ Date ______


Buyer Name________________

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